Mydilab Betta Relax (200ML)


Mydilab Betta Relax is made of 100% natural plant extract & will create a most natural environment for Betta fast & effectively. It can act as a tonic, help to promote vibrant colouration & enhance natural colour of Betta. It contains calcium needed to activate the muscles for strong bones, teeth & scales development. Mydilab Betta Relax can gradually turns the water brown & decrease pH level effectively, release organic compound such as humic acid, tannins & flavonoids which will absorb harmful chemicals. The humic acid & tannins, & flavanoids which will absorb harmful chemicalss. The humic acid & tannins are known to have antibacterial & antifungal function as well. It also contain yucca extract that will bind ammonia in the water & adds essential trace elements to the water. Besides, Mydilab Betta Relax spurs nest-building activity & allow the bubbles to hold together more firmly as well as enhancing fertility of the eggs